Development Faqs.

Development Faqs.

1. How can I find out the date of issuance of Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) for my purchased unit?

The expected date of issuance of Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) for your purchased unit can be found in the Sale & Purchase Agreement.

2. Can I request for priority handover when my purchased unit has obtained TOP?

We will note your request. However, please be informed that the units will be handed over on a block-by-block basis depending on the construction progress as well as the size of the development.

3. I and my fiancé/fiancée have booked an EC unit under the Fiancé/Fiancée Scheme. What is the financial forfeiture if I were to give up my EC unit after I have signed the Sale & Purchase Agreement, e.g. due to a breakup in the fiancé/fiancée relationship?

If there is a breakup in the fiancé/fiancée relationship at any point in time, you will become ineligible to continue with your purchase of an EC unit. In this situation, the developer can terminate your Sale & Purchase Agreement and impose a financial forfeiture amounting to 20% of the EC unit’s purchase price.

If you have received a CPF Housing Grant for your purchase, you and your fiancé/fiancée will be required to return the CPF Housing Grant together with the accrued interest. If the full amount cannot be recovered at that juncture, the outstanding amount will be treated as a debt owed by you and your fiancé/fiancée to the government. Both you and your fiancé/fiancée will also not be eligible to rent/buy or take over the ownership of another HDB flat, DBSS flat or EC unit until you have paid up this debt in full (with interest).

You are advised to consult your solicitor for further legal advice on this matter.

4. What is the consequence if my purchase of an EC unit is terminated after I have executed the Sale & Purchase Agreement?

If your Sale & Purchase Agreement with the developer is terminated in accordance with the provisions found in the Sale & Purchase Agreement (e.g. you ceased to be eligible to continue with the purchase of your EC unit), the developer can impose a financial forfeiture amounting to 20% of the EC unit’s purchase price. Please check with your solicitor on other expenses related to the transaction in the event of a termination.

5. Who will send me the Notice of Vacant Possession (NVP) letter?

You will receive the Notice of Vacant Possession (NVP) letter from your lawyer. Therefore, please notify your lawyer if there is a change in your mailing address.

6. How much should I pay before I can collect the keys to my unit?

You must pay 25% as part of the progressive payment as well as 6 months of maintenance fees and surveyor fees within 14 days of issuance of NVP letter before you can collect the keys to your unit.

7. When shall I pay the last 15% of the unit's purchase price?

The last 15% of the unit’s purchase price will be paid when the development obtains Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC), which will most probably be about nine months to a year after obtaining TOP. Please refer to the Sale & Purchase Agreement for more details.

8. How can I arrange an appointment to take over my purchased unit after I have made the payments?

After you had made payments to your lawyer, please allow five working days for cheque clearance after which you may login to the web portal to make an appointment online. Details will be provided in the NVP letter served to you.

9. Can I request for two carpark lots?

Each unit is entitled to one carpark lot only. If you require more than one carpark lot, please apply through the Management Office after you have moved in and do note that the second carpark lot is subject to availability.

10. Can I send a representative to collect the keys to my purchased unit on my behalf?

Yes. On the day of key collection, your representative will have to bring along his/her NRIC/passport for verification as well as the Letter of Authorisation duly signed by all rightful owner(s).

11. What do I need to bring along on the day of key collection?

a) Your NRIC/passport;

b) A copy of the booking receipt generated from the online booking systems; and

c) Signed Letter of Authorisation (if applicable)

12. If there are multiple owners of a unit, do all the owners need to go for the key collection session?

At least one of the owners has to attend the key collection session.

13. How do I give feedback about defects in my purchased unit?

You will be given a defects notification form on the day that you collect the keys to your purchased unit. Complete the defects notification form accordingly and submit it to the Management Office for our Customer Service Officer to follow up.